Kitchen Tile Trends


We, at ndedeian, always get questioned about kitchen tiles and often customers appear to be confused and puzzled about all the information they’re getting from multiple resources.

The first rule about kitchen tile hunting is to choose the color of your cabinets, your countertop and your appliances. Once that step is done, you get a sample of the wood you’re using for the cabinets and a small piece of the stone you’re using for your countertop and start looking for the perfect tile that matches it all.

You must consider two things before choosing. First, you have to make sure the floor tiles matches the backsplash tiles and second, you must consider matching your tiles with the cabinets, appliances and the whole feel of the kitchen whether it’s contemporary, rustic, classic or very modern.

Ultra-large format tiles are very much a trend for 2013. They work especially well in a backsplash area as well as on the floor. A 60×60 cm tile is ideal for the backsplash since the standard height between the countertop and the cabinets is 60 cm which will make you use only one single tile across your counter. Moreover, if the tile has rectified edges, it allows minimal grout lines which looks clean as well as modern and minimizes maintenance. You may use the same tile for your flooring or you may choose a matching bigger tile. For the floor, you can go in 60×60 cm, 80×80 cm, 90x90cm, 100×100 cm and even 120×120 cm depending on the size of your kitchen.


Another trend in kitchen flooring would be hardwood floors. While we all love the look of hardwood flooring, most contractors say it has no place in a moist area. Therefore, the next best thing would be faux hardwood porcelain tile. The tile industry has gotten really creative at manufacturing porcelain tiles to look like real hardwood. The tile is much easier to care for than real wood and porcelain’s natural resistance to moisture makes it an appropriate material for kitchen applications.


Concerning backsplash tiles, these items have gone from being an afterthought to one of the most important stylistic decisions you can make in the kitchen. It is almost criminal to settle for the ordinary when so many fantastic options in kitchen tiles are now available.

  • Mosaic tiles are back with a vengeance after years of neglect. This is because tile manufacturers have come up with so many new styles to complement modern kitchen designs and materials. You may find four types of mosaics in the market which are metal mosaic such as the sophisticated stainless steel that gives to the kitchen an ultra modern attitude, glass mosaic which you may find in a multitude of color ranges, ceramic mosaics and finally natural stone mosaics.


  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles used to come in standard squares or rectangles, with a few minor variations. They still do, but the demand for something different has created a trend towards long, narrow tiles. Instead of just adding a horizontal band of feature tiles, designers are adding vertical stripes, sometimes in boldly contrasting colors, to add excitement to the kitchen. This category also includes the large format tiles mentioned earlier.


  • Natural stone, once limited to the floor, is now catching on as kitchen wall tiling. A natural stone backsplash can give the entire kitchen a sophisticated elegance nothing else can match. Very pale beige stones look fantastic against deep brown granite countertops and timber cabinets.


  • One of the hippest trends to consider this season is Subway Tiles. They fall under the category of ceramic tiles. They are usually white and glossy. They make come in square or rectangular shape and they’re similar to the super white tiles you may see in the subways when you’re travelling through Europe. This trend might fade quickly; however, it would be suitable for a loft or an apartment with a more industrial décor.


Finally, no matter what your choice is, make sure your kitchen’s style fits your personality and ensure that the tile’s quality is good since trends come and go, but whatever kitchen tiles you choose, if they are high quality tiles that complement the rest of your kitchen design and the style of your home, they will never go out of style and be a pleasure to live with throughout the life of your kitchen.


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